ProtoShield Short


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Products Desciption
Breadboards are great for quickly prototyping Arduino projects on the workbench, but they're really inconvenient if you want to make something a bit more permanent. The solution: a prototyping shield!

ProtoShields fit directly onto an Arduino board, and have a large general-purpose area in the middle where you can solder on your own parts for a durable, long-lasting project.

This extra short prototyping shield is perfect for use together with an Ethernet shield or other shields that have protruding parts on the left side.

It comes with footprint for a reset button and has clearly marked 5V and GND power rails that run beside the prototype area as well as an extra row of pins for access to all Arduino pins.

We sell the ProtoShield Short bundled with stackable headers and reset button.
Additional Information
  • Manufactured by: Freetronics