TWI 7-seg Display - kit

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Products Desciption

The TWI 7-segment Display is an easy to use 4-digit 7-segment display that is controlled using the TWI (I2C compatible) protocol. It is super-easy to control with any microcontroller that supports the TWI protocol. Libraries for Arduino and avr-gcc are already available. Only four wires are required in total, one for power (runs on both 3.3V and 5V), one for ground, and two for the TWI protocol.


  • Available in three different colors: Red, Blue and White
  • Arduino library and Low-level avr-gcc library (available at GitHub)
  • Open Source Firmware (available at GitHub)
  • Programmable TWI Bus Address
  • Can display numbers and most alphabetical characters
  • On-board ISP header for upgrading firmware
Additional Information
  • Manufactured by: Akafugu